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In the Berring on Legal Research DVD set, Professor Robert C. Berring provides expert, holistic instruction on the core principles of effective legal research. Now, Professor Berring, in conjunction with West, will be producing rich supplemental podcasts, which will explore the finer points of the key legal research topics already touched upon in the DVD set. Designed to be interactive, Professor Berring will respond to listener questions, discuss new research tools, and expound upon the essential “deep principles” that guide both experienced and developing legal researchers. These concise monthly podcasts provide the perfect means for fine-tuning research skills and for keeping abreast of new developments in the field of legal research.

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9/1/2006 - Topics, Key Numbers and Searching for Cases By Subject
How can you use the Topic and Key Number system to search for cases by subject? Can it still help you in an online world? This and the mysteries of ALR, Key Search, Search Advisor and even a bit of Boolean theory are all discussed.
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9/8/2006 - Legislative Histories
Where can you find legislative histories? Why would you want to do so? Are free websites the answer? We discuss the beauties of the Congressional Information Service on LEXIS and the wonders of graphical statutory history on WESTLAW. Context remains the king.
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9/14/2006 - Legal Periodicals and How to Find Them
Prof. Berring loves legal periodicals and he wants to help you find the ones that can help you. His intrepid assistant, Ms. Corman, discovers the good and bad points of using indexes and of using Boolean search techniques in full text data bases. The magic of SSRN and BePress are discussed.
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9/19/2006 - Local Laws
How to find local laws, some tips on searching, praise for public library websites, and Ms. Corman's visit to Professor Berring's hometown's website.
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9/25/2006 - The U.S. Code
In the DVDs we promised you some history of the U.S. Code. We discuss that as well as the tricks of searching for federal statutes. Ms. Corman, a confirmed webizen, advocates using books.
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9/28/2006 - Judicial Opinions and the History of Precedent
What is the doctrine of precedent and what is its origin? Do judges make law? Why is the first year of law school so strange? We may not be able to fully explain the oddities of these pressing inquiries, but we sure have a great time trying.
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10/18/2006 - Legal Research Strategy
Prof. Berring and the indefatigable Ms. Corman discuss ideas for research strategies that apply in the real world.
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11/15/2006 - Preparing for Finals
Thoughts from someone who is writing a law school exam and someone who is studying for one on how best to prepare. We did this one with first year students in mind.
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11/29/2006 - Law School and the Parade of Horribles
This podcast is designed for that night when law school has put you into a funk. Before you can do any legal research (or anything else) your brain must revive. Professor Berring and Student Corman recount favorite law school horror stories to make you feel better.
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11/21/2007 - Administrative Law and the Changing World of Research
Professor Berring and now 3L Corman discuss administrative agencies, the Code of Federal Regulations, and the Federal Register. The Wild West theory of administrative information is tested out. Context is key.
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11/28/2007 - Law School Confidential 2007: How to Do Legal Research AND Earn an iPod!!!
Musings on: 1) why you should attend law school in the first place, 2) strong endorsement of clinics and externships, and 3) taking advantage of Lexis and Westlaw trainings while you still can.
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